Wise Bites Collections Inc. Partners with iLevel Management Inc.

Canada – Wise Bites Collections Inc. is pleased to announce their partnership with iLevel Management, Inc. iLevel Management will be acting as Wise Bites’ sales broker to Natural Health Food stores, Mass Retail, Food Service and Drug Stores in Canada.

The team at Wise Bites is excited to be working with iLevel’s sales team to market, distribute and increase sales of Wise Bites products across Canada. “We are looking forward to working with the group at iLevel Management to expand our brand awareness, and grow our line of Planted Based, Gluten Free, Allergen Free, Non-GMO products. iLevel’s initiatives and experience will be invaluable as we look to establish ourselves further in the Canadian Market.” Cathline James, CEO.

About Wise Bites (www.wise-bites.com)

Wise Bites Collections Inc. (“Wise Bites” or the “Company”) is an innovative food company producing best in class ‘better for you’ snacks, Certified: Plant based- Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Kosher and FREE FROM Top 11 allergens including nuts, making them school safe.

Wise Bites Core Values
• Honesty, a passion for creating healthy food, teamwork, and respect. Its ourpassionate intention to make healthier products for the marketplace.

About iLevel Management Inc. (www.ilevelmanagement.ca)

iLevel Management, Inc., opened its doors in 2013. Its core principles are centered on innovation, integration and invigoration of its brands and marketing strategies. Implementing custom technologies into everyday business operations allows their brands to receive detailed information that is retailer driven and has long-term plans for success.
For more information, please contact info@ilevelmanagement.ca

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