Partake Brewing Craft Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale Wins Best Beverage Award

PRESS RELEASE | April 26, 2018

VANCOUVER, BC – Partake Brewing, makers of craft non-alcoholic beer, recently launched their second product at the 2018 Grocery and Specialty Food West Show in Vancouver, BC. Building on the success of their first product, a craft non-alcoholic IPA, Partake Brewing aims to launch several more styles of beer using their proprietary brewing method. The Partake Brewing Pale Ale is made with all-natural ingredients, has only 10 calories per 12oz. can, and combines flavors and aromas expected by craft beer enthusiasts creating a product that is truly beer lover approved. The Pale Ale was selected as the BEST BEVERAGE at the 2018 Grocery and Specialty Food West Show.

“I am thrilled that our craft non-alcoholic beers continue to be recognized for their innovation and more importantly for their great taste,” said Ted Fleming, Founder of Partake Brewing. “We have received incredible feedback from our customers and even from craft beer drinkers, who previous to trying our beer, never even gave non-alcoholic beer a thought. Beer drinkers are now more aware of the calories and general health impact of regular alcohol consumption and are becoming increasingly open to trying something that is healthier provided the taste is there.”  

Partake Brewing aims to launch two more styles this year including and Lager and Stout.

About Partake Brewing

Launched in 2017 through KickStarter with a signature IPA, Partake Brewing has taken the non-alcoholic beer scene by storm, one sip at a time. Founded by Ted Fleming, after he gave up alcohol due to a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, the company aims to satisfy craft beer cravings for those unable to drink alcohol or choosing to drink less. Partake provides an enjoyable, flavorful and fresh-tasting beer experience with no alcohol and low calories with what could be the worlds’ most drinkable beers.

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