January / February 2020



In this Issue

9 Health & Wellness a Key Focus of SIAL
An interview with Jane Dummer, president and founder of Jane Dummer RD Food Consulting.

16 Another Great Santa Cause!

19 A World of Options
Authentic international skus address consumers’ worldly tastes.

23 Marketing Insight
Dutch Meat Industry Association looks to enter the Canadian Market.

25 Less Fire, More Flavour
Hot sauces are hotter than ever – popularity-wise.

27 Beyond The Average
The push for more plant-based foods in Canadian daily diets is translating to different options for retailers.

33 Driving Demand
Cultivating an environment that naturally lends to impulse purchases.

37 Rise & Shine
Breakfast remains an important part of day for consumers.

44 What A Waste!
Reducing food waste is critical.

On Our Cover
11 Passion, Pageantry and Pride
H Mart’s love affair with food drives the chain’s North American success.

Cover Photography: Phillip Chin

6 Market Update
7 Calendar of Events
30 Category Management
43 Retail Collaboration
45 In the Bag
46 Taking Stock

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