1010data Releases its September 2022 Instacart Report: Tracks 4% Growth Since June 2022 While Merchants’ Own Fulfillment Services Take Off

NEW YORK– 1010data, a leading provider of analytical intelligence and consumer transaction data, today released its data-rich Instacart Spotlight report, Instacart Continues to Rise, But Retail Partners Are Expanding Their Delivery Capabilities. The report tracks the changes in consumer behavior around delivery that come with pandemic easing and a return to in-store shopping. The report looks at factors slowing Instacart’s growth substantially, following a two-year period of stratospheric growth, including retailers who have begun to offer their own delivery and fulfillment services.

Jonah Ellin, Chief Product Officer at 1010data, notes: “Shoppers who adopted delivery during the pandemic appear to have decided to stay with it, though they are moving from Instacart directly to merchants such as Costco and Sam’s Club to fulfill their orders. For Instacart, this means that growth has slowed from steep double digits during Covid to a mere trickle, while retailers’ growth has exploded.”

The report draws upon the data to look into such areas as:

  • Year-over-year growth of Instacart (4%) vs. merchants who have begun to offer similar fulfillment methods directly (5.5% to 80.7%)
  • Year-to-date growth of Instacart (3.5%) vs. 3 merchant competitors (with as high growth as 141%)
  • Click and Collect seeing negative growth year-to-date across Instacart (-9%) and 3 top merchants (-1.2% to -55%)
  • Growth of Delivery across Instacart (4.7%) and 3 top merchants (36.6% to 80.5%) year-over-year
  • Share of Instacart sales at Costco (8.6%), Sam’s Club (0.1%) and HEB (0%)
  • Average basket sizes across Instacart ($33), Costco ($96), HEB ($65) and Sam’s Club ($75)
  • How Instacart is strategically transforming itself through M&A
  • Top growth-driving categories in grocery

The report provides a data-rich understanding not only of the last year’s decline in Instacart’s market share of grocery delivery, but also the change in spending habits of consumers as a result of inflation, pandemic easing, and other factors. Adds Jonah Ellin, “While it’s clear that retailers that have developed their own services are cutting into Instacart’s rate of growth, Instacart’s recent acquisitions show that they are looking toward expanding the services they provide to retailers who take advantage of their services.” Amid these changes, Instacart Spotlight: Instacart Continues to Rise, But Retail Partners Are Expanding Their Delivery Capabilities shows that consumers, still choosing convenience, continue to evolve with an expanding retail environment.

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