Sweet & Friendly Co. And iLevel Management are partnering up!

Canada, August 2022 – Sweet & Friendly is pleased to announce its partnership with iLevel Management, Inc. iLevel will be acting as S & F’s sales broker to Natural Health Food stores, Mass Retail, Food Services, and Drug Stores in Canada.

The team at Sweet & Friendly is excited to be working with the iLevel Management team to continue our growth in the alternative sweetener category. Our brand expansion is rapidly evolving and continues to address consumer needs in various areas where conventional sweeteners are used bringing tooth-friendly and healthier options to an assortment of categories.

About Sweet & Friendly Co. ( www.sweetfriendly.com ) Instagram Page

S & F is a natural product and sweetener company, that brings together industry leaders to provide the best in natural food innovation.

With a combined 75 years of experience in food, confectionery, biotechnology, and manufacturing innovation, we know how to bring the best to all to our clients and retail consumers.

Sweet & Friendly does not compromise on quality or high standards when developing its products. S&F products have been developed to meet all lifestyles.

Our Sweet and Friendly erythritol zero-calorie sweetener provides benefits such as no added sugar, low net carbohydrates, and dental health.

In addition, since erythritol has a low GI rating, it allows diabetics and people following low glycemic diets to enjoy our products without worrying about raising their blood glucose or insulin levels.

One of the greatest benefits is S&F tooth-friendly confectionery treats and the ability to help reduce plaque and help to prevent dental caries making these candies and mints a perfect lunch box snack.

About iLevel Management Inc. (www.ilevelmanagement.ca)

iLevel Management, Inc., opened its doors in 2013. Its core principles are centered on innovation, integration and invigoration of its brands and marketing strategies. Implementing custom technologies into everyday business operations allows their brands to receive detailed information that is retailer driven and has long-term plans for success. For more information, please contact info@ilevelmanagement.ca

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