New Electronic Labels Set Liberty Foods Apart

Liberty Foods in Fruitvale B.C., has just completed the first complete store installation of JRTech Solutions’ newest range of Pricer electronic shelf labels (ESL), known as SmartTAG Color, with advanced Black, Red, White, and Yellow colour display capabilities. This milestone represents the first full store installation in North America to employ four-color electronic shelf labels.

Associated Grocers, serving an extensive network of over 650 independent retail locations, has selected JRTech Solutions to supply their members with the latest generation of fully graphic Pricer Smart Labels.

“Historically, altering paper labels in our stores required a substantial investment of our employees’ time. In our quest for more efficient operations, we’ve been actively exploring digital solutions to manage price changes, track inventory, and restock products quicker, allowing our employees to focus more on what truly matters: assisting our customers. JRTech Solutions and our new Pricer Smart Labels enable us to achieve precisely that objective,” says Derrick Dar, Managing Director of Liberty Foods. “The addition of the color yellow to our digital tags allows our promotions to clearly stand out, making it the ideal choice for us and our customers.”

Brody Powell, General Manager of Wholesale Associated Grocers – Division of the Pattison Food Group, selected JRTech Solutions after a comprehensive evaluation of ESL solutions and providers. “JRTech stands out from other providers, boasting an impressive fifteen-year track record with their Pricer electronic shelf label solutions. Their profound industry expertise and extensive installation base across various verticals have clearly set them apart. Furthermore, JRTech Solutions’ Digital Smart Label System seamlessly integrates with the point-of-sale systems used by our member stores”, says Powell.

According to Darr, It was a significant investment, “but more important is the return on investment”. The system will last for 15+ years and has eliminated the use of paper labels entirely. “Our staff and customers alike are appreciating all the features and benefits that come with this type of communications platform that eliminates pricing errors, improves inventory control, and enhances the overall customer experience.”

When asked what was physically involved in installing the labels, Darr says “We had our staff, AG Team members, and even 2 of JRTech Solutions personnel join us at the store to install the customized plastics, rails, and attachments that hold and secure the labels. None of the shelves needed to be wired because of the unique infrared technology. There was no interruption as the installation of infrastructure was conducted off hours, and then the teams worked aisle by aisle to install the final product. Overall, it was an excellent experience!”

“We are proud to be partnering with the AG Group to help streamline store processes and create added value for their brand and their members. While our system has been installed in hundreds of grocery stores across Canada since 2009, this agreement is a significant step forward in the adoption of our black, white, red and yellow smart labels. It also widens our footprint in Western Canadian grocery, once again solidifying JRTech’s position as the preeminent provider of ESLs in North Amercia,” says Diego Mazzone, President and CEO of JRTech Solutions.

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