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In this Issue

27 Conscientious Snacks & Lunches
Back-to-school has grown into one of the most health and allergy focused events on store shelves.

32 Judging the Canadian Grand
Prix New Product Awards — Winners Announced

35 Move Over Sweet Tooth
Salty snacks continue to reign over Canada’s snacking industry – but consumers are seeking healthier ways to curb their cravings.

37 Selling Sweet
Confectionery makers address health concerns.

39 It’s Time to Get … Cheesy
Canadians are wanting to know more about their cheese products.

49 Slippery Slope
Even with limited space grocers need to find balance in oil offerings for customers.

53 Bringing Back Home Baking
Recent consumer trends seem to be sending people back into the kitchen and the baking ingredients aisle.

57 A Vast Business
The 2018 Alberta Food Round Up

6 Market Update
8 Calendar of Events
24 Social Media
31 Retail Collaboration

On Our Cover

10 Just Gettin’ Going
Freson Bros. Opens New Store in Fort Saskatchewan.
Cover Photography: Ed Ellis

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