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In this Issue

21 Focused on the Future
Western Canadian independents prepare for change.

25 Chilling Out – Cold Beverages

33 Grocery POS
POS Systems have evolved to meet grocery stores’ unique needs.

35 Strong, Proud And Free
A remarkable sense of independence governs Super Valu 98.

39 Bounty From The Ocean
Retailers making a difference in sustainable seafood.

43 Grill Mania – Barbecue Season

46 Four Generations and Nearly Nine Decades Strong
Askew Foods has been growing with the communities they serve and are hitting some major milestones.

50 All In The Family
Harvest Meats celebrating 90 years of excellence.

63 The Cup Runneth Over
Tea trends heat up the shelves

67 Premium & Novelty Make Headway

69 What the World Wants
Saskatchewan Food Industry on the track for growth.

73 Organic Magic
Canada’s Flourishing Organic Market

6 Market Update
12 Calendar of Events
61 Category Management
76 In the Bag
78 Retail Collaboration

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