Lita’s Mexican Foods Inc. Continues to Combat Ocean Plastic Epidemic

Vancouver-based Lita’s Mexican Foods, who recreates traditional Mexican foods into award winning plant-based products, has been operating as a Plastic Negative CPG manufacturer since 2020 with the help of their partnership with rePurpose Global – a growing tribe of vibrant cultures from around the world, united by a singular cause – a healthier planet.  Plastic Negative Certification is awarded to brands with plastic reduction commitments and who enable the elimination of at least twice as much plastic waste from nature as their own plastic footprint.

To date, Lita’s has diverted the equivalent to 66,666 of their retail plastic bags from nature which translates to 400,000 grams of plastic waste and 2.5 Tons of CO2 emissions.  Up next, Lita’s will be working with a new Impact Partner, Laut Yang Tenang in Indonesia, where garbage is rescued and processed from dumpsites, rivers, households, and other locations within 50 kilometers of the coastline. This partnership allows for low-value plastic waste to be recovered with every bag of tortillas sold, while also creating positive socio-economic change for marginalized waste worker communities. To see the change Lita’s Mexican Foods is making, visit their rePurpose Global Microsite.

It is Lita’s goal is to truly and naturally represent México’s cuisine and culture, along with a mission to grow while reducing their environmental footprint as a Certified Plastic Negative Company.  They also believe in creating impact within their company culture by providing an inclusive and rewarding work environment for people with disabilities and newcomer women to Canada.

Contact: Jackie Thomas, CEO

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