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Zero Zone Introduces The Horizon™ Merchandiser Display Case Line

NORTH PRAIRIE, WI—January 3, 2017—Zero Zone, Inc. is pleased to introduce the Horizon™ Merchandiser line of low and medium temperature display cases, which offers generous merchandising space, narrower mullions, and reduced energy consumption compared with similar previous cases.

Refrigerated display cases are used by food retailers for display of refrigerated food products, frozen food and ice cream. These cases are vital for keeping food fresh and safe to consume, but they also account for the majority of energy consumption in supermarkets. For more than half a century, Zero Zone has been a leader in display case energy reduction, helping retailers keep energy costs down.

rhcc30-beverage-juice-72dpi-600pxw“The Horizon™ Merchandiser represents the embodiment of the Zero Zone commitment to energy efficiency and continuous improvement,” according to Carl Petersen, Marketing & Advertising Manager for Zero Zone. “The Horizon™ concept really began as a focused attempt to improve upon what had become a standard in supermarkets: the Zero Zone Evolution™ line of freezer and cooler cases. The Evolution™ cases were well known for their rugged dependability and merchandising attributes. So, improving upon an accepted classic was a big challenge.”

In keeping with other Zero Zone product lines, the company’s first goal was to minimize the case itself in order to maximize the visual impact of retailers’ products. Thus, it opened up the merchandising space even further with a five-inch taller glass door. Next, the engineering team strengthened the case structure and, by mounting the doors directly onto the face of the case, was able to reduce the energy consumption of the case by a significant margin. Many other improvements followed–so many that Zero Zone felt the case deserved its own name–and the Horizon™ Merchandiser was born.

In addition to the Horizon™ Merchandiser line, Zero Zone also provides customers with its premium line of Crystal™ Merchandiser coolers and freezers, and a new line of open multi-decks, the Reveal™ Merchandiser. Zero Zone is committed to making quality products that are energy-efficient and visually appealing to both retailers and food shoppers. What’s more, Zero Zone is acutely focused on being a responsive partner to the food industry.

For more information about the Horizon™ Merchandiser, visitzero-zone.com.

About Zero Zone

Established in 1961, Zero Zone has display case plants in North Prairie and Waukesha, WI and refrigeration systems plants in Ramsey, MN. Zero Zone is a leading manufacturer of refrigerated glass door display cases, open multi-decks, and commercial refrigeration systems for supermarkets, drug, dollar, and convenience stores, and manufactures industrial refrigeration systems for cold storage, food processing, and ice arenas.

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