Uncle Lee’s Tea Partners with iLevel Management, Inc.

Canada, December 2022 – Uncle Lee’s Tea is pleased to announce the appointment of iLevel Management, Inc. as the Canadian sales broker to Natural Health Food, Grocery, Mass Merchandise and Drug stores. The team at Uncle Lee’s is excited to be working with iLevel’s sales team to market, distribute and increase sales of Uncle Lee’s Tea products across Canada.

Half a century ago, Uncle Lee’s helped introduce green tea to the North American Market. In the process, we carved our little piece of rich history. Today, our diverse collection of teas continues in the same spirit. Our company’s mission is to provide quality organic tea for an affordable price for a daily consumption as well as sharing generations of knowledge, craftsmanship, and tradition with tea lovers everywhere.

About Uncle Lee’s Tea (www.unclelee.com)

Family owned and operated by 5 generations of tea growers, Uncle Lee’s traditional values and modern operations has become one of the world’s largest tea fields in Asia with over 1500 tea stores worldwide, supported by 5 estates.

Tea collections include Legends of China, Imperial Organic, Green Dieters blend, & Body Slim tea.

We do things a little differently here at Uncle Lee’s. Simply put, we care about quality. Not only “Organic” is our pursuit but we strive for using the best quality ingredients and skillful blends to separate us from the others. That means cultivating our teas in a thoughtful, healthy, and sustainable manner. Through a careful process of harvesting, fermentation, and distribution, we maintain natural characteristics that have been enjoyed for generations. All these elements come together to create a difference you can taste.

About iLevel Management, Inc. (www.ilevelmanagement.ca)

iLevel Management, Inc., opened its doors in 2013. Its core principles are centered on innovation, integration and invigoration of its brands and marketing strategies. Implementing custom technologies into everyday business operations allows their brands to receive detailed information that is retailer driven and has long-term plans for success. For more information, please contact info@ilevelmanagement.ca

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