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Treat yourself like Royalty!

Rose’s Shortbread is a Royal Treat.

RS Trio Box_webFlour, butter, sugar—everyone knows what goes into shortbread. What sets Rose’s Shortbread apart is her family’s secret recipe, wholesome ingredients and attention to detail. Rich with tradition, one of the most famous Scottish practices is the baking of shortbread, a sumptuous, butter-filled treat originally made only for royalty. Rose’s Shortbread is a secret family recipe that is generations old. Rose crafts every piece of shortbread by hand; from pressing the dough into the trays to cutting every piece herself. Her Shortbread is a delightful treat that’s richly flavoured, delicately shaped, and unmistakably hand-crafted. Each piece is unique and delicious, a tribute to local craftsmanship. Savour true artisanal baking from the tradition to the taste.
Rose’s Shortbread — a royal treat.

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