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For the first time ever, Taste of Edmonton will have a local grocer as one of its vendors. Freson Bros. Fresh Market, located in Stony Plain, will be showing off their unique food experience with food from their ‘Kitchens’ – an in-store restaurant concept known for serving Alberta Beef and Pork carefully prepared in their ‘Hard Working, Home Cooking’ tradition. On its first year out, Freson Bros. Kitchens will be serving their famous Ivan’s Sausage with warm cabbage slaw and slow roasted rotisserie pork.
“Freson Bros. Fresh Market in Stony Plain is rooted in our principles of Family, Community and Heritage with a vision for the future. More than new concepts, it is a fresh experience. Come visit us in Stony Plain. It will be more than worthwhile.” – Henry Song, Freson Bros. Deli Director.
Freson Bros. is the largest, family owned independent grocery chain in Alberta, with their Head Office in Stony Plain, Alberta. Freson Bros. operates 15 stores across the province and is currently celebrating their 60th year in business. Upon completion of their new Stony Plain store in March 2013, Freson Bros. Fresh Markets’ new bold design concept was awarded the 2014 National Gold Award for Top Independent Grocery Store in Canada (Large  Surface).
Taste of Edmonton is Canada’s largest Food Festival, and this year it’s keeping things fresh local and new with programs aimed at the ‘foodie’ in all of us. Taste of Edmonton has been around for over 30 years, and this year, it runs July 16 – 25 at Churchill Square.
Freson Market Ltd trading as Freson Bros. Facts
Company History
Freson Market Ltd began on October 20, 1955 when Frank Lovsin opened a butcher shop in Hinton with his two partners, Frank Resek and Frank’s father, Leo Resek. The name Freson was derived from a combination of the letters of the respective partners’ names. The letter ‘F’ in Frank, the letters ‘RES’ in Resek and the ‘IN’ in Lovsin were put together to form the name ‘FRESIN’. The bank manager at the time however, misspelled the name on the company documents, nobody argued the proper spelling and hence the name Freson Market Ltd was born.
Through the years, Freson Market Ltd has adapted and changed from its humble beginning almost 60 years ago. The company has welcomed the changes proactively and even today continues to evolve and lead in the ever-changing grocery industry. From keeping up with the pace of technology, to competing with large supermarket chains, to continually training the employee base of over 1000.
Freson Market Ltd continues to thrive. This success can be attributed to the commitment to provide quality products, good value, a clean shopping environment and outstanding customer service.
The emphasis on the customer and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing grocery landscape enables Freson Market Ltd to remain a vanguard in the industry.
Company Store Growth
Hinton Hill – 1955, Peace River – 1962, Fairview – 1964, High Prairie – 1966, Brooks – 1972, Grande Prairie North – 1974, Hinton Valley – 1976, Manning – 1978, Hanna – 1981, Grande Prairie South – 1982, Barrhead – 1986, Fox Creek – 1989, Drumheller – 1991, Valleyview – 2008, Stony Plain – 2013
Current Company Management
Frank Lovsin C.M. – Founder, Doug Lovsin – President, Mike Lovsin – Chairman, Ken Lovsin – Vice President I.T., Shawn Gavigan CMA – Vice President Finance, Frank Fajardo – Vice President Human Resources, Dan Lovsin – Vice President
Company Brand Values
Freson Bros. believes in celebrating our commitment to:
Family, Community, Heritage
Additional Info
Contact Details
Mandi Fawcett – Director of Marketing, mfawcett@freson.com, 780-968-6924

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