Company’s Food Waste Reduction Strategy Aimed at Feeding People, Not Landfills

Vancouver, BC – February 21, 2019 – Today, Save-On-Foods is celebrating a year of focused effort to surpass its company-wide goal to reduce food waste by 50% by 2025. Through its food waste diversion programs, Save-On-Foods has undertaken initiatives in stores across Western Canada to divert surplus and potentially wasted food away from landfills and redirecting it to the best use in a consistent, safe and measurable way.

Food waste is a critical issue in Canada, with almost 60% of food produced in the country wasted annually. It is estimated over half of the amount Canadians spend on food each year is wasted, or enough to feed every Canadian for five months.

In addition to its original full organic diversion programs in areas like Metro Vancouver, Save-On-Foods has partnered with Food Banks BC, Mesh Exchange (dba FoodMesh), Loop Resources and a number of local charity partners in local markets in an effort to reach their ultimate goal of having zero surplus and potentially wasted food waste going to landfill. Through a variety of unique partnerships all centered on food safety and appropriate diversion, this goal has now been accomplished in more than half of all Save-On-Foods stores in just one short year.

“We have already rolled out our food waste diversion program in nearly 100 of our 170 stores,” said Darrell Jones, President of Save-On-Foods. “We have been composting perishable waste where possible for a number of years, but we knew we could do better. This new goal furthers our commitment to ensuring all unsaleable food in our operation is put to the best and highest use. We look forward to expanding our initiative across all of our stores in Western Canada.”

Save-On-Foods is committed to helping solve the food waste issue and investing in healthy communities. The company helped create Food Bank sharing programs across Canada, donating over $4 million in goods and cash each year for the last 25 years, and launched the Share It Forward for Food Banks initiative in 2018, among other initiatives.


About Save-On-Foods:

Part of the Jim Pattison Group, Save-On-Foods is Canada’s largest Western-based grocery retailer. Recognized as one of Canada’s Top Employers and Top Diversity Employers, the company has over 18,000 team members working together to serve over 100 communities in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Yukon. Known for its unique approach in customizing each store to best suit the needs of the neighbourhood and sourcing local products wherever possible, the company has been innovating and putting customers first for over 104 years.…more

About FoodMesh: 

Mesh Exchange (dba FoodMesh) is a Vancouver based technology company building scalable food recovery solutions for food businesses. We build apps and programs to simplify and digitize the redistribution of surplus food. Established in March 2016, our work has focused on raising awareness of the global wasted food crisis while developing viable business tech solutions for food businesses targeting waste reduction goals.   


About Loop Resource:

Loop Resource is a food rescue facilitator active daily across all parts of western Canada. We provide simple systems with safe liability structures that enable food wholesalers, retailers, and producers to divert one hundred percent of their unsaleable food away from landfill, and towards those in their community who can use it best. Our simple, adaptable system allows us to move quickly to implement tailor-made solutions, while directing the goods to their highest and best use; first people, then animals, and finally sustainable food production and energy. We believe that making the right environmental, social, and sustainable choices should not be complicated, full of liability, or expensive for any organization. Connect with Loop as a charity, farm, energy producer or enthusiast: loopresource.ca or on social media: facebook.com/loopresource



Jessica Regan, CEO, FoodMesh   

“This recovery program is providing fresh healthy perishables to BC’s most food insecure while supporting our local farmers and diverting avoidable food loss away from our waste streams. We are incredibly excited to be part of such an important initiative.”   

Jaime White, New Projects Director, Loop Resource

“When you support at risk families, and small farms; you invest in the heart of your community. Benefits large and small ripple outwards from growth of dynamic, vibrant, and sustainable communities, while securing ethical food production close to home. Save-On-Foods has been an example to the industry; in sustainable, values driven management of an otherwise wasted resource. We are proud to work with them, and thrilled to observe the positive effects blossom in the communities we serve!”

Laura Lansink, Executive Director, Food Banks BC

“With close to 1.5 million metric tonnes valued at close to $6.4 billion dollars of surplus edible food wasted each year in BC and close to 100,000 individuals struggling to put food on the table, perishable food recovery with our partner, Save-On-Foods has been a true game-changer for food banks in BC. Now fresh, healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry and dairy are made available to every person at risk of hunger rather than ending up as waste.”  

David Purdon, Operations Manager, Central Okanagan Food Bank

“It is unfortunate that 58 percent of the food produced in Canada is wasted when there are 1.1 million food bank visits per month. We are very excited to be a part of this food recovery program initiated by Save-On-Foods. It is a game changer”

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