Delano, CA (July 17, 2018): Pretty Lady Vineyards (formerly Sunlight International) has launched for this year’s retail grape season. Featuring popular varieties like Flame, Supreme Green, Valley Pearl, Summer Royale, and Midnight Beauty®, Pretty Lady’s 2018 harvest is expected to have an outstanding-to-vintage product quality, thanks to a mild spring and other optimal growing conditions.

“Anyone who has ever tried our grapes knows they’re grown with a goal of peak perfection in mind,” says co-owner and President of Sales, Nick Dulcich. “This year’s harvest is no exception, but the ideal weather we’ve had in Central California over the last several months has really generated an extra special yield. We’re excited to have everyone taste this crop and experience the superiority for themselves.”

Pretty Lady’s various grape varieties come in several different consumer pack styles, ranging from grab-and-go bags to clamshells, to the newer 3 lb. top seal packs. The company’s many varieties and options have established them as an internationally beloved name, known primarily for sweet, flavorful, and crispy grape varieties. Aside from the various brands directly associated with the namesake (Pretty Lady Emerald, Pretty Lady for the Holidays), the company is also known for their Harvest Hobgoblin brand that ships in early fall.

“Our various grape varieties have distinct, one-of-a-kind flavor, size, and texture,” says Dulcich. “But retailers and consumers can rest assured knowing that any product that comes out of Pretty Lady Vineyards has to meet our high standard of excellence. Our grapes are really the perfect snack.”


About Pretty Lady Vineyards

For over 50 years, the Dulcich family has made it their mission to produce the biggest, sweetest, best-tasting California table grapes. Today, the Pretty Lady and Hobgoblin brands are recognized and preferred by consumers all over the world. Now boasting over 6,000 acres and growing over a dozen different varieties every season, July – December, Pretty Lady Vineyards is a premier force in the grape category. For more information, visit http://dulcich.com/



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