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Polar Industries Ltd. Announces a New Majority Ownership

A New Beginning For An Old Favorite
Polar Industries Ltd. announces a New Majority Ownership
Published on: October 5th, 2015

We are pleased to announce that 1st of September, 2015, John Coughlan has acquired a majority stake in the share capital of Polar Industries Ltd.
Polar Industries Ltd. developed its reputation in the refrigeration and HVAC industries as the company to go to “when nobody else could do it”. This was accomplished under the direction of brothers Dave and Lyle Sergius over the last 45 years. Polar will continue its service in refrigeration and HVAC industries with its new, majority owner John Coughlan. Dave and Lyle will remain active working with John in creating innovative ways for Polar to better service to its customers and develop new markets for the company.

John Coughlan is the President and CEO of the TransCold Group. This company is the premier wholesale supplier and distributor of ice cream and frozen foods throughout Western Canada and Western United States. John’s companies also play a major role in the cold storage and cold chain logistics industries in these areas. The TransCold Group has become one of the largest companies of its kind in North America through its dedication to customer service and effective team management.

John and his new team at Polar share the same philosophy. They believe in delivering the highest quality service in the most cost efficient way possible to its customers. The team also recognizes that “delivering what is promised” is more than a promise, it is a culture in which Polar conducts all its business.

Everyone is excited and looks forward to building Polar Industries Ltd. into being one of the most successful refrigeration and HVAC contractors in Canada under this new alliance with John Coughlan. We are very confident the synergies between the management partners are endless!

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