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Organika launches Canada’s first collagen cookie, the FÄV Collagen Cookie

Organika, family-owned and operated Vancouver-based health and wellness brand, has introduced a new way to snack smarter, the FÄV Collagen Cookie. The team’s latest innovation is a fun and functional way to satisfy your sweet tooth with a balance of healthy ingredients.

Baked locally in Vancouver,FÄV Collagen Cookies are made from one hundred per cent simple and clean ingredients, making them a delicious low net carb treat. Packed with non-GMO, natural ingredients,Organika’s collagen cookies are gluten and grain free, keto friendly and contain hydrolyzed bovine collagen that is free from hormones and antibiotics.The collagen cookies are available in two flavours, double chocolate chip and chocolate chip, with each recipe providing important nutrients including:

  • High quality protein: An essential macronutrient that is an important component of every cell in the body. It’s needed to build and repair tissues and make crucial body chemicals like enzymes and hormones. FÄV Collagen Cookies pack in 11 g of protein or more per bag.
  • Hydrolyzed collagen: The most plentiful form of protein in your body, and the “glue” that holds it together. We are obsessed with its overall health and beauty benefits – from hair, skin and nails to joints and bones!
  • Healthy fats: Fat is absolutely vital to our health! Our bodies use fats to balance our immune system, ensure a low level of inflammation, build hormones, and regulate our appetites. It’s important to consume enough healthy fats in your daily diet to keep all those important body functions going.

FÄV Collagen Cookies are built on the belief of smart snaking. Perfect for fueling up before a workout, or recovering after a sweaty session, Organika’s latest innovation are a convenient snack helping to keep you full longer.

Organika’s deep knowledge and commitment to innovation helps to transform research-backed nutrition into new wellness tools for consumers. Through meticulous sourcing, owning all facets of their production process, using industry-led practices with the highest quality of standards, Organika provides trusted high-quality products. As an industry leader for product innovation in the health and wellness world and beyond, Organika’s passion and dedication for our consumers’ health is empowering other brands to follow suit and explore creative change with the customer in mind.

About Organika
Organika is a family-owned and operated Canadian company dedicated to providing natural health solutions that will improve the health of people locally, and around the world. They continuously educate and empower their consumers to seek the highest quality natural health solutions for their good health and well-being. Using cutting-edge scientific research, traditional Chinese medicine, ayurvedic medicine and homeopathy to create innovative and effective products, their products are distributed to over 26 counties around the world.

Website: organika.com

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