November / December 2020



In this Issue

11 SIAL Canada Wrapping Up an Exceptional Year!

19 Universal Appeal
Pasta and sauces continue to attract a wide demographic.

23 Maple Leaf Foods Moves Towards Total Sustainability
An interview with Tim Faveri, vice-president sustainability and shared value, Maple Leaf Foods.

27 Staying Close to Home
Exciting things are happening with Canadian food products, and as grocery retailers you know how much that maple leaf can influence shoppers.

41 Less Waste Better Outcomes
Purchasing decisions aren’t only about what’s in a package, but the package itself, as consumers seek greater sustainability.

43 New Horizons for Dairy

45 Beyond Exotic
Flavours in the Canadian home kitchen.

49 A Conscious Choice for a Better World
The fair trade movement in Canada.

53 Meaty Power Packages
Convenient packaged meats are satisfying consumer demand for flexibility, taste and a break from the costs of dining out.

On Our Cover
12 A Cut Above
Miller’s Meats has been raising the “steaks” in the Winnipeg market since 1971.

Cover Photography: Steve Salnikowski

6 Market Update
25 Category Management
56 In the Bag
58 Retail Collaboration

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