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A new generation of Puratos’ successful S500



A new generation of Puratos’ successful S500

Puratos is proud to announce the improved version of its successful bread improver S500. Enriched with Puratos’ patented enzyme technology, the new S500 can be used in any bread application and in many process conditions. True to our tradition, S500 continues to offer absolute peace of mind and the best quality. Puratos’ multi-purpose improver range includes S500, S500 clean label, S500 Industrial clean label, and S500 Plus with additional freshness enzymes.

Patented enzyme technology

Puratos introduces the next generation S500 bread improver range based on xylanase technology obtained from specific microorganisms discovered in Antarctica, resulting in additional dough tolerance and greater security for the baker.

As a result, the new S500 can now be used in all bread applications, such as crusty bread, rolls, loaf breads, whole meal, soft breads, laminated products, etc. S500 also offers security at every stage of the process, direct, retarded, or long fermentation, and even short freezing processes. The result is perfectly baked products, regardless of the flour variety, mixing, dough handling, equipment, fermentation, or environment conditions.

A long-standing success story

Ever since its launch in 1975, S500 has been a world leader in bread improvement. Artisanal and industrial bakers worldwide have recognized S500 as a high-quality product that gives absolute security during all stages of the bread-making process. After 40 years, S500 is still the flagship product of the Puratos Group and the most sold bread improver in the world.

Peace of mind with consistent quality

Using S500 guarantees bakers that they have the same quality output every bake and every day. They don’t have to worry about different conditions or flour quality, and can concentrate on taste and presentation.

Puratos constantly tests the quality of its S500 bread improvers. S500 is regularly challenged against the competition, ensuring that Puratos offers the best quality in its segment.

 Greater dough tolerance and increased machinability

 Effectively overcome any variations in flour quality

 Provide consistent shape and outstanding volume every time


Canadian S500 Product range

S500: high quality multi-purpose dough improver in powder form.

S500 CL: clean label version of the high quality multi-purpose improver.

S500 Industrial CL: clean label multi-purpose improvers designed specifically for automated lines.

S500 Plus: high quality multi-purpose improver with additional freshness enzyme allowing the crumb to stay moist and fresher over time.

Puratos has a solution for every request or need, providing you peace of mind.

S500, trust the best!








About Puratos

Puratos is an international group that offers a full range of innovative products and application expertise for artisans, industry, retailers and food service customers in the bakery, pâtisserie and chocolate sectors. Our headquarters are located in the outskirts of Brussels (Belgium), where the company was founded in 1919. Today, our products and services are available in over 100 countries around the world. In many cases, they are produced locally by our subsidiaries. Above all, we aim to be ‘reliable partners in innovation’ across the globe to help our customers deliver nutritious, tasty food to their local communities.

For further information, visit www.puratos.ca.

Press Contact Puratos Canada:

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Marketing Director

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Mississauga, ON L5T 0A1

Tel.: +1 905 362 3698

E-mail: lvandepoel@puratos.com

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