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Moneris Announces PetroTrak, an Innovative Payment Solution For Petroleum Businesses in Canada

Petroleum businesses can now process and track fleet card transactions with ease using the PetroTrak payment solution

TORONTO, Dec. 16, 2015 /CNW/ – Moneris Solutions Corporation (“Moneris”), one of North America’s largest processors of debit and credit card transactions, announced today the launch of its PetroTrak point-of-sale (POS) solution. PetroTrak offers Canadian Petroleum-based businesses an integrated vehicle-fleet management application for their payment terminal solution. The PetroTrak solution supports and processes fleet card transactions, fleet data management and gift and loyalty programs at the POS.

With PetroTrak, business owners are equipped with the necessary tools to accept a wide variety of fleet and commercial payment cards, credit and debit card transactions. Leveraging Moneris’ swipe and Fleet PIN technology for fleet and commercial cards, and EMV chip and PIN or contactless-tap functionality for credit and debit card transactions, PetroTrak helps to ensure merchant and customer card data is secure. Enabled with some of the latest payments technology, the POS can also accept mobile payments including Apple Pay.

“We are pleased to deliver payments technology designed specifically for our Petroleum-based merchants,” said Jeff Guthrie, Chief Sales and Relationships Officer at Moneris. “PetroTrak is a comprehensive, ready-to-use solution that allows small-to-medium-sized businesses to accept fleet payment cards and capture required transaction details in line with industry reporting standards.”

PetroTrak receipt and administrative reporting, as well as the capture of fleet vehicle odometer readings help to keep merchants compliant with these industry requirements. Receipt documentation for fleet card transactions generated through PetroTrak outline business-specific purchases like fuel type, vehicle servicing, product descriptions, and associated taxes.

With the PetroTrak system, fleet businesses can customize their fleet payment cards to set product purchase parameters, such as purchase restrictions, for their staff cardholders. This makes tracking transactions easy for their business and retailers in the Petroleum market.

“At Parkland Fuel Corporation, we put the customer first and our main objective is to provide a convenient and quality customer experience,” said Scott McKelvie, Director of Retail Operations, Western Canada at Parkland. “With Moneris’ PetroTrak system, we are able to provide fleet-specific programs that help our customers; and us; manage business better and effortlessly.”

PetroTrak incorporates a number of customizable features for businesses in the fleet and petroleum industry. Petroleum businesses benefit from preauthorization transaction functionality, which enables cardholders to allocate a defined dollar amount at the POS prior to fueling their vehicle(s). This transaction is settled at the actual dollar amount for fuel purchased, helping to increase fund security at the POS.

For more information about Moneris’ PetroTrak solution, contact PetroTrak@moneris.com

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