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July/August 2015 Issue



In this Issue

15 Lunch  Box Logistics
How retailers can help parents make back  to school a mutual win-win.

25 The Consumer’s Call for Fair & Clean
Delivering organic & fair trade produce to meet customer demands.

27 The  Whole  World  in Your Hands
PriceSmart’s International store caters to changing demographics.

29 Soup’s On
Health and diversity help stir the pot.

31  Nature’s Milk
Coconut milk trends higher because of health halo.

33 More  than  Potato Chips
Canadians continue to salivate for salty snacks.

37 Candy  Crush
Consumers seek healthier confectionery but it’s still mostly about the fun.

43 Liquid  Gold
Oils hold broad appeal.

47 Shining a Light on  Sales
Store lighting systems see major improvements in energy use and quality.

51 Canadian  Grand  Prix  New  Products Awards  –  Winners Announced

57 The  Only Constant
Chilled HMRs are transforming the retail grocery landscape.

60  Make It Your Own
Today’s baking ingredients let you create how you want.

65 Building  Blocks
Natural ingredients, artisan varieties, and flavours drive the cheese category.

69 The  Hidden  Sustainability Opportunity
How retailers can drive sustainable sourcing from the ground up.

71 Alberta  Food Report


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