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In this Issue

8 Get the Latest on Organics at SIAL!

17 Eastern Lessons
Simple strategies can enliven any grocer’s Asian food aisle.

21 The Most Important
Meal of the Day Canadians are increasingly aware of the need for a nutritious breakfast and are looking for time-conscious options to help.

27 Frozen is Hot!
Frozen food and meals offers solutions fresh can’t.

30 Santa Cause is a Huge Success!

33 Infused Profits
Indian flavours driving sales.

38 Top Trends in Signage and Graphics
Grocery stores can’t ignore the impact of signage design on the shopping experience.

41 Whim Power
Impulse buying is escalating thanks to the better-for-you movement.

On Our Cover
9 When You Are Here, You Are Family
Winnipeg’s FoodFare has seen over 40 years of success from taking care of its community.

Cover Photography: Departments Steve Salnikowski


6 Market Update
6 Calendar of Events
37 Category Management
44 In the Bag
46 Taking Stock

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