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Indulgent Delights

Strategic Planning Maximizes the Opportunities for Frozen Novelties and Ice Cream

By Anne-Marie Hardie

Ice cream, popsicles and frozen treats have come a long way from the traditional Neopolitan. Today, frozen novelties are available in a variety of flavours and experiences responding to the diverse Canadian consumer.

“Canadians are seeking variety including dairy-free alternatives, low calorie, ethnic inspired products, and a focus on higher quality ingredients,” says Marco Felicella, director of sales, TransCold Distribution Ltd.

However, this increased selection poses new challenges for grocers as they need to be able to forecast which of these items they will add to their limited freezer space.

“The fundamentals of ice cream have not changed,” says Joel Gregoire, associate director of food and drink, Mintel. “Canadians are focusing on quality ingredients that are used in making ice cream, which is translating to increased interest in artisan varieties and premium flavours.” However, the industry has seen some disruption including the expansion of low caloric frozen treats and plant-based alternatives.

“This is a category that is driven by assortment, including having different types of products for different needs states,”
says Paul McMahon, category sales development leader, ice cream, Nestlé. Selecting the items to add to this section requires a delicate balance between favourite staples and frozen novelties.  …. read complete article here.

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