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In a first for mobile self scanning systems FutureProof Retail releases new counter service capabilities.

NEW YORK, Oct. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — FutureProof Retail (FPR), a U.S. based provider of mobile self scanning software, announced today the release of their new counter service product. The counter service product simplifies the process of ordering prepared foods at businesses ranging from cafes and food trucks to grocery stores and supermarkets. By connecting the counter service system with their mobile self scanning application FPR becomes the first in the world to digitize the entire in-store grocery experience.

At retailers with the counter service system shoppers no longer have to wait to place their orders or wait for their orders to be completed. Shoppers order by choosing items from a digital menu that they can access at home or in the store. Orders can be placed via website, in-store kiosks or with FPR’s white-labeled retail apps. When their order is ready a text message calls the shopper to the counter to pick it up. This gives shoppers more time to shop and makes order fulfillment easier for store staff.

“This is a first for a mobile self scanning system and the first time every part of the in store grocery shopping experience can be done digitally.” says FPR CEO William Hogben, “Beyond grocery we’re extremely pleased to offer counter service as a stand-alone product and begin serving cafes, food trucks, quick service restaurants and others.”


About FutureProof Retail
Established and based in New York, NY, FPR is comprised of award­-winning software engineers and business developers. FutureProof Retail was founded by a group of impatient shoppers, and brings a unique focus to ease­ of ­use in mobile self scanning systems. The FPR-team’s expertise in past endeavors has earned significant accolades in the AppStore and across a variety of industries. For more information, please visit www.futureproofretail.com.


CONTACT: Media, media@futureproofretail.com

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