FIRST EVER traditionally made Soy-Free Tofu enters plant-based market, promotes sustainability and economic growth

Canadian/BC-based vegan food purveyor Big Mountain Foods has just launched the very first traditionally made Soy-Free Tofu on the plant-based market, which also represents huge strides forward in the vegan food manufacturing sector.

Made entirely from just one ingredient—Canadian fava beans—Big Mountain Foods Soy-Free Tofu is 100 per cent allergen free, non-GMO, vegan-certified, and keto-friendly. It has the same texture as traditional tofu, but fava beans create a nutty flavour that’s both delicious on its own and a versatile compliment to other flavours. Packed with nutrients and rich in protein at 64 grams a protein per package! (94 percent more than the leading brand of soy tofu), the product is the perfect alternate solution for those looking to eliminate soy from their diet or simply wanting more plant-based protein options.

Big Mountain Foods Soy-Free Tofu also makes a positive sustainable and economic impact. With no external investors, Big Mountain Foods raised $10 million dollars to hire an executive team and build an eco-conscious, zero-waste manufacturing facility—they upcycle the byproduct from the tofu into their existing product line and regenerate the whey back into the tofu production line, reusing 70 per cent of the water that would have been filtered into the waste stream. By doing this, Big Mountain Foods Soy-Free Tofu saves 15,000 lbs of waste per day from the landfill, which equates to 4 million lbs saved per year.

With its new facility, Big Mountain Foods will also source only Canadian grown crops—the company will purchase over 1 million lbs of Canadian fava beans for its tofu production, significantly contributing to the country’s agricultural sector and export trade—and forecasts putting over $25 million in supplier purchases, employment, and more into the national economy within the first year of operations. 

About Big Mountain Foods  Led by mother-daughter team Kimberly and Jasmine Chamberland, Big Mountain Foods has been renowned for its nutritious and delicious plant-based products made with real, fresh, whole food ingredients since its inception in 1987. The vegan food manufacturer has been a supermarket mainstay due to the quality of their products, as well as the loving care put into their creation. Coming from four generations of entrepreneurial women, Big Mountain Foods also prides itself on having a nearly 90 per cent female workforce.

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