Famed Canadian Coffee Roasters, 49th Parallel, is Brewing It Different!

Specialty Coffee Roasted Crafted to Perfection

(Montreal, QC) May 18, 2022 – Sip into your new favorite coffee: 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters is coming in hot! The famed Vancouver-born coffee roasters offer perfectly crafted specialty coffee sure to help your daily grind. Born out of a desire to make specialty coffee accessible, 49th Parallel offers a diverse collection of roasts to offer you the sip of a lifetime – every single time. Their expert roasters take each coffee lot to its peak potential, grading and tasting until the flavour profile and subtle nuances of that particular bean are released to deliver various flavour profiles to fit all of their customer’s diverse tastes and coffee palates. 49th Parallel’s coffee is available in cafes, specialty grocers, and online, offering their beloved roasts for an at-home experience, across the nation. The brand also offers the possibility of buying individual packages or their fan-favorite subscription-based service that allows customers to pick and choose their favorite roasts and have them delivered directly to their doors, as often as they want. With exceptional, craft roasted coffee, 49th Parallel is simply brewing it differently than anyone else!

Direct trade sourcing relationships are the underpinnings of 49th Parallel’s green bean sourcing practices and the Vancouver-based brand offers one of the strongest specialty coffee portfolios, alongside nearly 4 new single origin releases a month. Coffee is seasonal, so new releases are available throughout the year to reflect the growing cycle and ensure every 49th Parallel customer experiences exceptional freshness and flavour from farm to cup. With best-selling coffees such as Old School Espresso, Epic Espresso, Organic French Roast, and Longitude 123°W blend, 49th Parallel offers customers the ultimate selection for a café-at-home experience. Their online store gives customers access to the full range of 49th favorites and exclusive roasts not available anywhere else! With 5lb large format bags for extra busy households, offices, or small businesses and coffee subscriptions for stress free mornings, the complete selection of 49th Parallel’s coffee is available waiting to be discovered! In addition to their best-sellers, the beloved roasters also offer many other specialties such as organic roast, decaf roast, specialty instant coffee roasts, and limited edition roasts. For those who want to try everything and don’t know which ones to choose, 49th has made it easier than ever to sample the entire lineup with their Tasting Sets! The brand offers sets like the 49th Introductory Tasting Set, the Signature Espresso Tasting Set, Single Origin Filter Tasting Set, and Single Origin Espresso Tasting Set for customers to try out the entire range of coffee 49th has to offer. With the brand constantly exploring new ways to enrich the coffee experience, there are many new taste profiles and they are working on the horizon just waiting to be enjoyed by coffee aficionados everywhere.

As Reid Adrian, Head of eCommerce explains, “Our goal with 49thcoffee.com is to bring the craft of specialty coffee to at-home coffee drinkers of all types – experts, explorers, or casual drinkers. Many people fell in love with 49th Parallel after experiencing the superior taste of our coffees through our beloved cafes; and 49thcoffee.com allows us to bring our full menu of classics, rotating single origins and limited releases to coffee drinkers nationwide. Our team is innovating to make the online buying experience as exceptional as our coffee.”

At the forefront of 49th Parallel’s values is a commitment to using only direct trade coffee sourcing. Green coffee beans, curated among the finest origins around the world, are sustainably-sourced directly from farmers and meticulously roasted in small batches in Vancouver by the company’s expert roasters to ensure maximum freshness. The combination of relationships carefully cultivated and processes continuously refined over years appear in its superlative specialty grade quality coffee products, yet remain accessible for everyday use.

“49th Parallel’s efforts to maintain long-term partnerships with coffee producers, as well as the relentless focus on quality, and development of outstanding coffees has paved the way for our commitment to creating good change in the coffee business and coffee communities throughout the world. We will continue to relentlessly pursue the craft of sustainably sourcing and meticulously roasting 49th Parallel’s exceptional coffee to inspire more people to experience what specialty coffee has to offer. ”, states Samantha Taylor, President of 49th Parallel.

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