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Coffee? Cool.

Our Cold Brew Coffee is made by steeping beans in cold water for 20 hours. Then it’s canned. That’s it. Nuthin’ else. Nuthin’ needed. The result: Deep, dark, delicious, black, unsweetened, refreshing, low-acid, kick-ass, low-calorie cold brew coffee. Who drinks it? Think energy-beverage converts, calorie-conscious caffeine-lovers, and coffee drinkers looking to beat the heat. And, of course, those who settle for nuthin’ but great tasting coffee. When do they drink it? In the heat. Driving. Night and day. Sports and recreation. Study time. On the go. Whenever it’s kick-ass o’clock.

Cold Brew from Kicking Horse Coffee. Wake up with us!

Contact your local Tree of Life Canada representative for more information.


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