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CasusGrill – Brand New Product to Canada

Winning BEST NON-FOOD at the GFS Grocery & Specialty Food

CasusGrill is one of the most noteworthy new products, winning Best in Show (Non-Food) at the 2018 GFS Grocery
& Specialty Food Show, that took place at the Vancouver Convention Center, April 23-24. CasusGrill was designed
with the vision of making outdoor cooking safer and less impactful on our environment, eliminating the need for
aluminium and steel which can take up to 500 years to biodegrade in the landfill. The CasusGrill also eliminates
the need for propane, a byproduct of oil production; and propane containers, which are also made of aluminium.

Made from sustainable materials of CasusGrill bamboo charcoal briquettes, insulating lava stones, natural bamboo
and cardboard packaging, the CasusGrill is 100% biodegradable and utilizes one of the world’s most sustainable
resources: bamboo.

The CasusGrill produces up to 50% less carbon emissions while creating a high, even temperature that gives food a
natural wood smoky kiss. After lighting the bamboo briquettes, you can be ready to cook in under 5 minutes. No
more waiting 20-30 minutes to get grilling!

The CasusGrill was created in Denmark, by husband and wife team Carston and Susanne Brøgger. “Taking it under
your arm and walking on the beach, you show that you are green. CasusGrill is part of a sustainable lifestyle, and
an easy and economical way to make better choices”, says Carsten Brøgger, who, in addition to being CEO of the
company, helped design the CasusGrill.

Recognizing the importance of making better choices for our environment, Alexis Hart of Vancouver BC, is
passionate about building a sustainable lifestyle using the CasusGrill and leading it’s introduction for her and
Canada’s future.

The CasusGrill can be purchased online at https://casusgrillcanada.ca
Connect on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/casusgrillcanada/
Connect on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/CasusGrillCanada/
Connect on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/CasusGrillCAN

For press inquiries or media information contact alexis@casusgrillcanada.ca

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Alexis Hart
Brand Manager
CasusGrill Canada

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