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Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers Leadership Changes

Toronto, ON., October, 3, 2018Jim Bexis, chair of the Board of Directors for the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers (CFIG) announced today the following senior leadership changes.

Thomas Allen Barlow Retires

Tom has announced to the board of directors his intention to step down as President and Chief Executive Officer of CFIG effective November 30th, 2018.  Tom joined CFIG in June 2013 after a 36-year career at Coca-Cola.    According to Jim Bexis, “During Tom’s tenure at CFIG he has made major inroads with membership, suppliers and staff, strengthening our presence. Tom’s hard work and dedication to Independent grocers, and the grocery channel in Canada, has positioned CFIG for future success.”

On this announcement, Tom said: “I am proud of my time at CFIG.  Over the last five-plus years, we have been able to help increase our members’ revenue with initiatives like beer and wine expansion in Ontario and B.C.; reductions in credit card fees, reductions in small business tax rates and reductions in energy costs, while increasing the association’s profile with government and the public.”  Tom further added that, “any success over the last five-plus years would not have been possible without the support of the board and the staff at CFIG. Independent grocers are not only great retailers they are also great people.  I have made a lot of friends during my time at CFIG and I will greatly miss working with them.”


Thomas R. Shurrie Appointed President and CEO

The Board of Directors of CFIG are pleased to announce the appointment of Thomas Shurrie to the role of President and CEO effective December 3rd, 2018.  Tom joined CFIG in June 2017 as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.  Prior to joining CFIG Tom was Executive Vice-President and General Manager for Acosta Canada’s customer management team.  Tom has extensive background on both the supplier and retailer side of the Canadian Grocery industry. 

“We are very excited that Tom will be stepping in to take over as the senior leader.  Having Tom Shurrie already established within the organization will make for a smooth transition,” said Jim Bexis.  Jim further stated that, “During Tom’s time at CFIG he has made a major impact with both CFIG’s retail and supplier members. One example of Tom’s impact includes increased supplier and retailer participation in CFIG’s Master Merchandiser program, moving the participation levels from just under 200 in 2016 to over 5,000 in 2018.” 

The Board of Directors at CFIG would like to thank Tom Barlow for his leadership and his unwavering support of Independent Grocers across Canada and we wish him well as he transitions to the next stage of his life.  The board of Directors would also like to welcome Tom Shurrie to his new role.

For more information, contact:

Nancy Kwon, Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers

  1. 416-492-1804
  2. Nkwon@cfig.ca

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