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Notable Nutrition

Health-high with Spreads Despite relatively stable retail volume sales, the Canadian retail value for spreads grew three per cent in 2014 to reach $589 million. The Euromonitor International Country Report goes on to describe the category as “very mature” and “saturated with limited growth opportunities.” That being said, the three leading players in the …

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Ariba! Ariba!

Mexican Food Undergoes Category Expansion There was a time when the term ‘Mexican Cuisine’ meant tacos and salsa. But the landscape of ethnic cuisine has changed and along with it consumers’ desires when they hit the ethnic aisle. Mexican foods have seen significant category expansion over the years. “Mexico has been a very prevalent …

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‘Tis the Season for Merchandising

Make your customers at ease by placing those frequently purchased products — tape, gift cards, cards, wrapping paper, flowers and chocolate — front and centre. There is no better opportunity to maximize your sales than in the holiday season. Typically, grocery retailers see a two-four per cent sales increase during the period with many products see their biggest spike in …

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How a Category Management Team Influences the Retailer’s Income Statement

As we move into the Fall and into Joint Business Planning Season, whether you’re working for a retailer or a vendor, think about how the decisions or recommendations that you make influence the retailer’s financial statement. Not sure? That’s what this article is about. This perspective can help you make better decisions and recommendations by better understanding what the retailer …

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Freson Bros. A Long But Fruitful Road. Celebrates 60th Anniversary

It has been 60 years, and a long road, since Frank Lovsin and his partners started a small butcher shop in Hinton, Alberta, the forerunner of what would become Alberta’s largest independent family owned and operated grocery chain. But 60 years has not left the family enterprise in any way complacent. In fact, with a new generation …

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Retail Store Clustering

A starting point for shopper understanding. The many changes in our competitive Canadian landscape have driven a need to adapt the category management approach to become even more collaborative, flexible, forward looking and shopper centric. A first and necessary step towards shopper understanding is for retailers to group their stores …

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