Organic Expert Stuart McMillan Hired as Farm Manager

Richmond, BC, January 16, 2018 – Arran Stephens, owner of Legend Organic Farm & founder of Nature’s Path Foods Inc., the world’s largest independent organic breakfast and snack food brand, knows that when you choose well, good things grow. Today, Stephens announced that Legend Organic Farms has purchased 5,000 acres of farmland near Duck Mountain, Saskatchewan in Canada which will be managed by Stuart McMillan, a passionate organic farming professional, and 25-year agriculture industry expert.

As predicted by Stephens in a 1971 TV interview: “organic is not a passing fad…it has swept over the nation like a tidal wave. More and more people have become aware of the need for food which is uncontaminated, food which is truly balanced – from the soil upward, right through to the food – which helps make a more balanced body and mind.”

According to a 2017 Canadian Organic Trade Association report, sales of organic products in Canada are increasing year-over-year. The report states two in three Canadians (66 percent) are purchasing some organic grocery items on a weekly basis, compared to 56 percent in 2016.

The increased appetite for organic food and products has resulted in an increased demand for organic farmland. As a fiercely independent company, Nature’s Path and its subsidiary have the freedom to take unique, proactive measures to realize an organic future.

“Purchasing and cultivating organic farmland in Canada and the USA demonstrates our commitment to the future of the industry,” said Stephens. “To do this and be successful, we need an experienced, talented and committed hands-on organic farm manager.”

“I’m excited to be joining Legend Organic Farm, and to be responsible for growing foods free from toxic pesticides and genetic engineering,” said Stuart McMillan, Legend’s farm manager. “This property will be farmed using the latest and most innovative organic and regenerative methods to achieve maximum yields, environmental protection, and positive effects on climate through maximizing carbon sequestration.”

Raised on a farm, McMillan’s passion for agriculture began at a young age. He studied entomology and agroecology and earned a master’s of science degree in agriculture from Uppsala University in Sweden. His professional experience has equipped him with extensive knowledge in organic certification and production. In addition to organic consulting and inspection, McMillan’s professional experience includes crop and agronomy management, analysis and research. McMillan has authored several articles in agricultural magazines, newsletters, and a field crop handbook.

“We’re incredibly pleased to be welcoming Stuart, who has been avidly involved in organic agricultural production since 1993, to the Legend team,” said Stephens. “From family farm to organic inspector, he has spent his entire career in the agricultural field and will play a crucial role in helping bring our mission to ‘leave the earth better than we found it’ to life.”

The farm consists of 3,429 cultivated acres, and 1,536 acres of bush and wetlands in wildlife conservation. The vast majority of the land was purchased from a long-time organic farmer. At the same time, an additional 1,600 acres of neighboring conventional land was also purchased and immediately put into a 36-month transition program to become Certified Organic.

Nature’s Path sources much of its organic grains like oats, wheat, heritage grains, hemp, legumes and flax from the Canadian Prairie and the US Midwest, as well as and this latest acquisition of property proactively ensures adequate land is transitioned to meet increasing demand for organic products.

Legend Organic Farms Inc. manages ownership of land and oversight of the farming operations.

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