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Alberta Honey Producers Co-operative Celebrates its 75th Anniversary!

Alberta Honey Producers Co-operative, with a history built on quality honey, celebrates 75 years of Cooperation

Spruce Grove, Alberta, November 9, 2015 – Much has changed since January 18, 1940 when a visionary group of beekeepers came together to form the Alberta Honey Producers Co-operative (AHPC).  What hasn’t changed is AHPC’s steadfast commitment to its members and to supplying the finest 100% pure Canadian honey to homes throughout the world.

“It’s exciting to see the Alberta Honey Producers Co-operative reach this milestone,” states Rob Dickson, Chairperson.  “The Co-operative has continued to grow and to be an integral part of the success of Bee Maid Honey Limited.  We are so proud of our beekeeper members and their continued focus on innovative beekeeping practices, bee health and producing quality, Canadian honey.”

AHPC went from taking in 300,000 pounds its first year of existence to intake of over 10 million pounds in 2014.  That growth is remarkable and is a testament to the commitment of the 140 members from Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.  “As a joint owner of Bee Maid Honey Limited, demand for our high quality white honey is strong domestically and internationally, so we are set for continued growth,” Dickson continues.

“The Co-operative turning 75 is a time to reflect on our achievements within our co-operative business model.   AHPC continues to invest in our future with new plant equipment, expansion of Bee Supplies and building renovations.  We are proud to have multigenerational families as members and move forward with a rich appreciation of our history and roots,” Dickson comments.

Alberta Honey Producers Co-operative will acknowledge this exciting milestone during their Annual General Meeting in Spruce Grove in November.

About Alberta Honey Producers Co-operative

Alberta Honey Producers Co-operative processes and packages honey for its members.  Membership is restricted to the western portion of Saskatchewan, and all of Alberta and British Columbia. Beekeepers who wish to become members fill out an Application for Membership and Quota Base, which is reviewed by the Board of Directors at their next quarterly meeting.

For further information, please contact:  Guy Chartier, CEO – Bee Maid Honey Limited

Phone: 204 786-8977 ext. 234     Fax: 204-783-8468   E-mail: guychartier@beemaid.com


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