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A Sponsorship Based on Shared Mutual Values

CALGARY, Oct 13, 2016 /CNW/ – McSweeney’s Premium Jerky & Meat Snacks is proud to announce that they will be the Official Meat Snack of the Western Hockey League and their Canadian Fans.  “We’re excited to enter into a sponsorship relationship with the Western Hockey League based on our mutual appreciation and support for the game of hockey and for grass root hockey fans across this great nation”, says Kylie Landry, Brand Manager for McSweeney’s.

“For McSweeney’s, we focus on producing the best tasting meat snacks worthy of those real Canadian “friend-sharing” moments.  As a hockey league, the WHL presents such high caliber hockey that it too brings together friends to share in a real Canadian experience.  We believe that together, we’ll be able to make this real, grassroots Canadian experience even better.  With the WHL and McSweeney’s principles of Community, Families, Canadian and Wholesome lining up it seemed like the perfect fit”.

“As the top level of amateur hockey in Western Canada, the Western Hockey League is proud to enter into a new partnership with McSweeney’s, one of Canada’s leading producers of jerky and meat snacks.” Commented, WHL Commissioner, Ron Robison. “Our WHL fan base in Western Canada is looking forward to participating in McSweeney’s promotions during the upcoming WHL season.”

The McSweeney’s, WHL partnership will provide fans an opportunity to win and sample premium, best tasting meat snacks throughout the season.

About McSweeney’s Meat Snacks:
McSweeney’s, a part of Direct Plus Food Group, is a Canadian based producer of a full line of ultra-premium Jerky and meat snacks available throughout Canada.  Their focus is on producing a great tasting product, crafted with simple ingredients.

For more information about McSweeney’s please visitwww.mcsweeneys.ca.

About the Western Hockey League:
The Western Hockey League consists of 22 member Clubs based in Canadian markets, covering all 4 Western provinces and five in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. The WHL provides the best opportunity for players to develop into professional hockey players, and also achieve their academic goals while learning valuable life skills. The WHL is committed to recognizing academic excellence.  Since 1993, Western Hockey League Clubs have provided over 5,500 scholarships representing an investment in excess of $19 million by Club ownership.

McSweeney's Premium Jerky and Meat Snacks (CNW Group/McSweeney's)




“McSweeney’s Premium Jerky and Meat Snacks (CNW Group/McSweeney’s)”.

Western Hockey League (CNW Group/McSweeney's)








“Western Hockey League (CNW Group/McSweeney’s)”


For further information:

Should you have any questions, please contact: Alyson Chambers, Director of Marketing, WHL – chambersa@whl.ca; Kylie Landry, Brand Manager, McSweeney’s at (403) 215-6076 or KylieL@directplus.ca

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