Sunterra Market and Café opens in shared space with District Ventures

Calgary, AB – March 6, 2019 –In a Canadian first, District Ventures and Calgary-staple Sunterra Market, have joined forces to support Canadian entrepreneurs in the food and beverage sector. Sunterra Market will open its new location on Thursday, March 7thadjacent to the District Ventures space and will feature the innovative products of the District Ventures companies both there and in its other seven locations.

District Ventures is a business accelerator that helps entrepreneurs in the food, beverage, health and wellness industries grow their companies. This unique partnership with Sunterra will not only give these entrepreneurs the opportunity to test their products with consumers, but will also add to Sunterra’s existing lineup of local goods by offering its customers a pipeline of innovative new food and beverage products. As the leading accelerator in its space, District Ventures attracts and works with companies from across Canada, which will offer Sunterra high quality and locally produced products from coast to coast.

“This collaboration demonstrates what is possible when a real link is created between innovation, capital, programming and marketing support and commercialization,” says Arlene Dickinson. “What we’re doing is a first for Canada and will tangibly benefit entrepreneurs and companies in the food, beverage and health space. As consumers tastes and demands continue to turn to more localized artisanal brands, we will be there to provide them.”

The Price family, who founded Sunterra, are no strangers to the challenges and joys of entrepreneurship. Sunterra has grown from an independent family farm to serving thousands of customers in grocery, catering and restaurant service across Alberta. Their commitment to work with great people who share their passion for food make them a perfect partner for District Ventures.

“Sunterra is proud to give these Canadian entrepreneurs space on our shelves and an opportunity to expand their presence.  We are a progressive and innovative agri-food business that’s local, Albertan, Canadian – things Arlene is very passionate about and we are excited to collaborate with her,” says Glen. “We hope to help other entrepreneurs succeed and working with the leading accelerator in Canada in this space is one way for us to help do just that.”

Sunterra Market and Café, Kensington Road will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week with dine in and takeout options.

For more information please contact:

Janyce Rideout, Manager Marketing and Communications,

Jerry Nasr, PR and Social Communications Manager,

About District Ventures

Founded in October 2015 by Arlene Dickinson, District Ventures is the top accelerator in Canada for food and beverage and health and wellness consumer goods entrepreneurs. The accelerator connects innovative early-stage consumer goods entrepreneurs to the industry’s top experts, investors and retailers. To date, it has accepted 69 companies into its program. District Ventures Accelerator is part of an ecosystem of support that delivers capital, mentorship and marketing to innovative CPG companies. District Ventures Accelerator, District Ventures Capital and District Ventures Marketing operate with the sole purpose to turn successful companies into globally respected brands.

About Sunterra Market

Sunterra began over 40 years ago on the Price family farm in Acme, Alberta. With superior pork production techniques and industry-leading practices, the farm grew bigger and better. To showcase their top quality meat and provide customers with a unique European-style shopping experience, Sunterra Market launched in downtown Calgary at Bankers Hall in 1990. Since then it has grown to eight markets across Alberta, offering quality foods and products from farm to market to table

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