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New limited-edition Red Bull Winter Edition now available

This year, meteorologists are predicting a wild Canadian winter. Recent forecasts call for months of blizzards, blasting Arctic wind and freezing rain. Those kinds of conditions might scare some people (like maybe our friends south of the border), but adventurous Canadians will correctly interpret the coming weather as an opportunity to ski, skate, snowboard and sled even harder than usual. You won’t find a comparable winter celebration in the States, and you won’t find Red Bull Winter Edition there, either. In anticipation of a Canadian winter to remember, and in appreciation for the special role that winter plays in the Canadian identity, Red Bull is limiting the North American release of the Red Bull Winter Edition to Canada only.

Red Bull Winter Edition is the latest entry in the successful Red Bull Editions series, and it’s not just for Canada’s fearless winter athletes. With the taste of Plum Twist, the Red Bull Winter Edition promises to refresh Canadians of all stripes throughout the long winter as they work, study, exercise, travel or brave the elements to go watch “Hockey Night in Canada” with friends.

The new limited-edition Red Bull Winter Edition is available nationwide with an MSRP of 2 for $6.00
Official Nationwide launch at retail is Friday, December 1, 2017
Taste Profile: Plum Twist with the taste of Cinnamon
For further information, please visit energydrink-ca.redbull.com/en.

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