HealthNet Products launches Longevity Q100, an amino acid Growth Hormone (HGH) Releaser

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HealthNet Products launches Longevity Q100, an amino acid Growth Hormone (HGH) Releaser.
This product is a synergistic blend of four amino acids that are known to encourage the release of one’s own HGH and unwind aging from the inside out.


Alberta, Canada: Today, HealthNet Products announces the launch of their new product, Longevity Q100, an amino acid HGH releaser/secretagogue. The product is designed to aid in cellular repair and rejuvenation by triggering the pituitary gland to release more Human Growth Hormone. We are born with an ample supply of HGH to last a lifetime, but as we age, secretion diminishes, thereby causing aging. HGH is the body’s master hormone.  Raising one’s HGH levels contributes to an improvement in the immune system, greater ease of movement, decreased inflammation, increased mental capacity, deeper and sounder sleep and much more. It also encourages muscle growth and fat loss,  improves energy levels, strengthens blood flow and circulation, improves skin clarity, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and enhances sexual functions; essentially unwinding aging from the inside out.

Customers can purchase Longevity Q-100 via the company website at

“Longevity Q100 has proven itself to be a highly effective product. We have received numerous testimonials from customers stating that they have noticed changes and positive effects within a week of starting to take our product. We are grateful for the new growth our company is experiencing as new stores, and customers are added to our Longevity “family,” said HealthNet CEO and President Peter Gruendel.

The four amino acids in Longevity Q100 are as follows: L-Arginine helps to stimulate HGH release, increase stamina and strength, promote heart health, aid in wound healing and so much more.  L-Glutamine also increases secretion of HGH, protects the immune and digestive system, improves memory, mood, focus and concentration and more.  L-Ornithine enhances collagen production, reduces anxiety and reduces ammonia levels in the blood and more. L-Glycine is involved in so many functions in the body. Some are that it promotes growth and function in joints, tendons, and ligaments, and promotes probiotic balance in the gut, helps maintain lean muscle mass into old age and also stimulates secretion of HGH.

“I started taking Longevity Q100 as an experiment to disprove the idea that aging can be slowed. The results were shocking and somewhat interesting. I could notice physical changes in my body, physical movement, and mental capacity. Those behind this product deserve to be applauded for their effort towards the advancement of humanity,” said Michael D, a customer.

Longevity Q100 is a remarkable supplement that can aid in reversing aging from the inside out. The research behind this anti-aging HGH releaser goes back decades and is well documented and internationally tested by the likes of Dr. Ronald Klatz, Dr. Daniel Rudman, Dr. Cass Terry, and Dr. Edmund Chein. These doctors and others are considered the Grandfathers of anti-aging medicine. Because of the synergy created by the combination of these four particular amino acids, everyone from seniors to athletes, boomers to zoomers and regular folks to the unwell can benefit by taking Longevity Q100 daily.

About HealthNet Products
HealthNet Products is a Canadian based business dedicated to providing the best anti-aging products possible. We are proud to present Longevity Q100 to you.  For more information, please contact 403-284-3133,,



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